Kamique is the pure expression of luxury, a complex of traditional Caribbean villas reinterpreted in a modern way by the architectural firm LHSA+DP. Anguilla, an idyllic island “lost” in the Caribbean Sea, offers an exciting opportunity to explore the island’s pristine and exotic beaches. If you feel like embarking on a trip away from the urban jungle, just choose a place that makes your soul thrill with joy. The multiple pavilions composing Kamique are extremely luxurious and secluded. We dare to call it the perfect getaway for the summer.

“The villas interplay indoor and outdoor spaces, often blurring the lines between the two. LHSA+DP sited each villa individually to maximize ocean views, natural breezes and solar orientation. The design’s silken palette, raw materials and open-air rooms create a serene environment to celebrate the land, sea and sky.”  The rich blend of wood, concrete and stone invite you to “taste” the peculiar architectural combination of modern and traditional. The joyful play of shadows and light enhance the feeling of peace. Inside, breeziness and good taste define the space.