With a simple and robust appearance, Stonewood, a suburb house in Melbourne, Australia is a project completed in 2013 by Breathe Architecture. The dwelling captures the sun, engages with the garden and opens to the community. Privacy played a key role in creating this harmonious living space, therefore transparency was encouraged with moderation. The abundance of wood used enhances the feeling of warmth. A little bit misleading, the exterior of the house was entirely made of wood (Sugar Gum timber). “Wooden bricks” define it and create a cheerful geometry which can be observed also throughout the house. With several cut outs and frames the house offers enough space to move freely and enjoy the outdoors.

The low maintenance finish, as well as the dynamic interior (with bursts of strong colours such as yellow or green and geometric shapes on walls, rugs and fabrics of all kinds) outline the interesting blend of rustic roughness and contemporary playfulness. It’s something you don’t get to see everyday. Colours and natural materials add a sense of vitality and dynamism to this space.