The owners of this apartment at the Interlace Singapore, designed by famed German architect Ole Scheeren, commissioned KNQ Associates to create an unfussy décor with an intimate atmosphere. The architects aimed at a clean, contemporary yet warm language that would cater to the tastes of the young owners very well: “The interior would also need to have a cocoon-like feel to create visual warmth in the spacious living space – after all, the entire apartment is over 2000 sqft of floor space – hence we employed plenty of warm wood veneer, contrasting furnishings and luscious fabrics to soften the hard edges of walls and columns“.

The unique architectural design of the condominium mandates the presence of awkward, bulky columns within the unit, but the architects welcomed their existence by making them part of the interior décor. For example, the columns in the living room are covered and integrated into the design of the window bay seating which is a sprawling 30 ft long. And in the master bedroom, the column has been smartly concealed in the form of a TV feature. Overall, the project celebrates style and modernity, as befits a residence in a prime location, but never losing sight that form always follows function. [Photos and information provided via e-mail by KNQ Associates]