Trying to find the perfect balance between home styled comfort and cutting-edge elegance has been a challenge for the designers at Ravaglia & Philot ever since they started their journey in the interior renovation market. This tiny flat in Copacabana neighborhood (Rio de Janeiro) owned by a young female lawyer is a wonderful addition to their portfolio: “Open spaces are not Brazilian’s market favorite solution, and this tiny flat didn’t have much room for subdivisions, so we had to think of light and non intrusive answers. We integrated the kitchen into the living room, opening views to the main spaces of the flat right upon the entrance“, explained the architects.

White glass tiling and white furniture along the silestone support give clean ambience to the colorful, geometric shaped wallpaper in the dining area. The living room stand is made of plaster niches, following the floor integration that spreads over the whole space with a wooden slat textured porcelain tile. Between living and chamber lies a very interesting retractable honeycomb room divider, fabric made and very versatile. This solution allowed the designers to integrate these two spaces and give privacy when needed, also giving the TV a double function, since it can be seen anywhere. [Photos and information provided via e-mail by Vinícius Philot]