FLAMMABLE is an intriguing collection of iconic wax skyscraper sculptures artistically shaped by¬†Jing Jing Naihan Li, a young architect. As a long time resident of Beijing, Naihan has watched the urban landscape of her home city undergo drastic changes over time, with startling effects. Her candle artworks can be perceived as an artistic manifesto against modernity and the negative changes it implies: “For someone who is not entirely comfortable with the intrusion of modern skyscrapers into their civic space, watching them burn down can be truly satisfying“, the artist told the press.

Naihan’s riot is also mirrored in the following statement: “I’m tired of modernity. I like watching these buildings burn and melt into artistic pieces. I light these for fun, I think I’ve burnt 20 sets just myself“. According to Gizmodo, the 32-year-old designer created replicas of the world’s tallest buildings, each being more than a foot high. How do you perceive the ever-changing city landscape?