Nestled in Auckland, New Zealand, Rothesay Bay House is a modern two-storey dwelling with a refined wooden exterior and a  fancy modern interior. Designed by Creative Arch, it was built on the existing groundwork structure, to save resources, focusing on recycling and harming as less as possible the environment. The house opens to the natural breathtaking scenery. Unobstructed views of the coastal sea enhances the feeling of serenity and calmness. Wood becomes the main material used throughout the house, complementing the contemporary unpretentious design.

“A combination of cedar shiplap vertical and horizontal, metal cladding and plaster, have been used combined with low lying roofs help to break up the building’s form. Working with the existing parameters and layered approach, has resulted in a modern home that rests comfortably between neighbouring high and low properties on a cliff top site”. Housing four bedrooms, an open plan living room and several lounge areas, Rothesay Bay is the very definition of open living, embracing nature, light, warmth and natural ventilation. The ground floor, a fluid and unitary social area, accommodates also the kitchen, which comes equipped with stainless steel countertops and matching fridges. Bedrooms, located at the top floor, offer the best and inspiring views.