The uncanny design of Walnut Residence, embodying unique perforations caught our attention. The project, located in Venice, California, was completed by Modal Design. It unveils a unique exterior, edgy and eclectic, transforming a simple dwelling into a unique work of art. The building’s “skin”, a cor-ten steel which evokes a gritty aesthetic, define its character. Interior is white and luminous, neatly designed and soothed in light and warmth. The dynamic pattern (bubbly-circles) embellishes also the staircase which favours vertical circulation throughout the house.

The perforated accordion-like facade is definitely something you don’t get to see everyday. “This project mediates the poetics of light and architectural form against technological and ecological demands of contemporary building practices. By integrating traditional design methodologies with CNC fabrication, the distance between architect and builder is collapsed to allow for maximum control in articulating the porosity of the building’s cor-ten skin as it negotiates between public and private space.”  The back of the house opens to the courtyard. Glass panels offer unobstructed views of the walnut trees surrounding the house and the overall green landscape.