Városliget Café&Bar is situated is one of the most popular parks in Budapest, where culture and hospitality have had a significant role for 150 years uninterruptedly. Városliget today is an amazing site where both inhabitants and tourists can choose form an array of different gastronomic, cultural and leisure activities. The restaurant is steps away from the large Heroes’ square with the Museum of Fine Arts, the Széchenyi Spa, Vajdahunyad Castle, the Ice-Rink and the Rowing lake.

Adam Szilas of Adamdesign Studio envisioned the interior of the Városliget Café&Bar, as well as its graphic identity . The concept was to bring the “classical”Hungarian citizen style inside. Old object from various kitchens, dining rooms, objects about sport and about literature were collected and creatively placed inside. The concept was to feel like home… 50 years ago, to show off a bit of Hungarian history, lifestyle and design. [Photos and information provided via e-mail by Adamdesign Studio]