Villa B, a square-shaped prefab modular house in Lyon, France was completed last year by Tectoniques Architects. The impressive timber-on-concrete villa covers an area of 2,195 square feet. A perforated larch cladding exterior surprises the viewer with its simplicity. Strongly connected with the outdoors through sliding glass panels, the interior feels very open and roomy. Basically, you have this feeling that it stretches beyond the limit imposed by the walls.

The central core of the house contains the services: kitchen, cellar, networks and shower/bath room. “All the rooms form a ring around this hub. Uninterrupted through views and continual contact with nature are maintained by using sliding partitions and large glazed areas facing each other. A strip of ancillary and storage areas runs along the full height of the west wall. The overall scheme creates a multipurpose space, open onto the south and north gardens and the patios.” The ground floor serves for daytime activities whilst the first floor is perceived as a night-time area, accommodating several bedrooms and the bathrooms. Floor heating provides a pleasant thermal comfort. White is the dominant colour throughout the house while the wood finishes completely transform the living space into a warm and comfy home.