Tolkien’s fantastic hobbit home started from his stories, filled with magic, epic acts of heroism, wizards, elves and other mystical characters that always represented an inexhaustible source of inspiration for artists of all kinds. From writers to painters, designers and even architects who ended up building Hobbit-like houses exploring and feeding their imagination, the phenomenon of belonging to a movement defined by fantasy is widely spread and it continues to “contaminate” the new wave of creative visionaries. Chris Guise, both an artist and a bonsai enthusiast was also influenced by Tolkien’s fiction and created the Bag End Bonsai Trayscape. The fantastic artwork is a reinterpretation (at a miniature scale) of the home of Bilbo Baggins, Frodo Baggins and Samwise Gamgee.

The artist explains step-by-step how he managed to put together this amazing piece of living artwork: “Not long after I bought this tree I carved a shari down the trunk, covered the edges with cut paste and left it alone. After two years the edges had callused over nicely. Not long after I did it I decided that I would like to hollow out the trunk further but never got round to it.The carving work was done with a dremel, using various small carving bits.”  Then, the windows and doors, the brickwork front, the fence and the hill, were added. The artist spent 80 hours of intensive work recreating the elaborate “Hobbitian” universe.