The Ryo Matsui Architects Inc team, known for its creative approach towards design completed the Gabled Roof-Shaped Hair Salon Hairdo beauty salon in a residential area of Chiba (Japan), right next to the train station. Enclosed by a large gabled roof and supported by a lightweight steel frame, the place designed to be functional, boasts a transparent frontage and a simple interior. Many of the structural elements are exposed. Transparency plays an essential role here: it invites the passersby to observe what’s happening inside and why not, stop for a new haircut or other professional styling treatments.

“The facade  of the big glass viewed from the frontal road, raises the internal aspect contributed a sense of unity. In restrictive temporal axis, it is expected that the salon is integrated into as a picture  frame of the city to contribute to local activation.” The ground floor comprises reception, styling, shampoo and colour area. Upstairs, styling and other salon facilities occupy most of the space. The staff’s room for the employees is also located at the top floor. Industrial influences, timber, the fixtures and the furniture define the internal spaces, creating the strong visual character of the place. [Photo credit: Daici Ano]