Located just five minutes away from Princeton’s University, this new modern home designed by in collaboration with GMLM Design Giedre Miller has some “elite” features of its own. Surprisingly enough, The Quarry House was fabricated at a modular factory in less than a month and installed on site in one day. According to the architects, the sustainable prefab house utilizes the best practices, but pushes the design to the next level: “no need to standardize the design as long as standard fabrication methods are used“, they explained.

This residential project goes to show that affordable prefab houses can be built without sacrificing aesthetics. Sustainability was also a key part when designing the Quarry House: “A high efficiency HVAC system and solar shading for large expanses of glass provide for minimal utility bills. Going beyond the stereotypical modular construction, the use of cantilevers makes for a more efficient structural system and creates porches and solar shading. The low slope roof is designed for green roof installation“. The dwelling was especially developed to provide warmth and comfort for a young family and, as you can see in the photos below, it reaches its goal admirably. [Photography: Halkin Todd Mason]