Estar Móveis, a furniture design company from Brazil opened a new store in São Paolo and we have to say…it’s bold and crazy! SuperLimão Studio, the company responsible with the makeover, did an exceptional job! Estar Móveis, a firm with more than 60 years of experience, has recently started to change its direction, adapting a more contemporary approach towards its own aesthetic language, to fit present-day trends. The new square-like structure is covered with hexagonal panels. Geometric, edgy, uncanny and very modern, the “honeycombs” (a mix of opaque and semi-translucent hexagons) decorating the façade unveil certain store areas and manipulate the amount of light that penetrates it.

The interior boasts an interesting blend of raw and contemporary elements. Concrete beams and exposed bricks represent a strategic move to simplify the interior as much as possible. “The masonry was peeled and exposed crudely and the lighting uses the preexisting structure to its fixation, bringing the highest flexibility possible for the product exhibition at the store.” The unpretentious environment allows the focus to fall on the products displayed inside the store.  [Photo credit: Maira Acayaba].