As an enthusiast of street art and how it can create wonderful disruptions in the thoughts of passersby, I salute the concept behind these artistic crosswalks in Baltimore, USA. The two projects presented in the photos below were implemented as part of a city program aiming at encouraging the increase of artworks in public spaces. Various intersections around the city will soon be looking different, but so far only two have been completed. The first was envisioned by artist Paul Bertholet and depicts a giant zipper, opening towards one end of the crosswalk (first photo of the post).

Moving forward, we have an image of a playfulness-inspiring giant hopscotch, developed by artist Graham Coreil-Allen. You have to admit both of them look unconventional, adding a fresh feel to urban life in Baltimore. I bet the inhabitants are looking forward to the upcoming projects, and honestly, so do we. How do you find this initiative?