Igualada N1 is a project completed this year by Jaime Prous + Damián Ribas in the municipality with the same name (Igualada), Barcelona, Spain. Boasting a modern minimalist white exterior, the construction comprises three massive cubes. The building’s unitary design, as well as the courtyards generated by the solid blocks, have a strong impact on the viewer. Windows have no framing and are embedded directly into the stone walls. Moreover, they are perceived as perforations and cannot pass un-noticed. It’s interesting how the structure comes together: the stone containers are all connected through an enclosed porch, favouring circulation from one volume to another.

The house’s striking simplicity is mirrored through a neat, geometrical exterior and a white minimalistic interior. Lights and shadow blend harmonically, adding a sense of massiveness. The furniture was carefully chosen, highlighting the idea of peace and relaxation. Courtyards and porches bring natural light inside the house. [Photo credit: Aleix Bagué]