A concrete house, completed in 2007 by Raimundo Anguita, the Urzua Cofre House sited in a quiet place, just outside the city limits of Santiago, is an amazing relaxing home. It cannot pass un-noticed, yet makes you feel safe and unexposed. Opening to the surrounding site, the residence brings the nature closer to the inhabitants. Several terraces, perceived as intermediate spaces between in and outdoors, tie up the place, giving a feeling of wholeness when exploring. A massive, almost hermetic, concrete volume, perpendicularly arranged on top of the ground floor, is supported on glass. Emphasising the contrast between the sturdiness and brittleness, the second floor accommodates the private area of the house.

The massive use of concrete (floors, ceilings) adds texture to the interior while the floor-to-ceiling windows open the living environment to the courtyard. “This way a quite clear house rises where a diversity of indoor and outdoor spaces are generated, tied by the central yard and in which the more public spaces are contacted with the surroundings while the most private spaces are protected from it without loosing it’s dominion.” The house, overall, feels bright and inspiring, allowing you to breathe while enjoying the nature. [Photo credit: Oliver Llaneza]