Located in Santiago, Chile, this modern 8,826 square foot residence seems to follow the natural curves its uneven terrain. Lo Curro House was especially envisioned by Chilean architectural firm Peñafiel Arquitectos to take advantage of the magnificent surrounded views: the southeast of Santiago and the Andes beyond. Therefore, the initial plan of the architects was to develop a house that would have no walls, only glass.

Based on this concept, a building like a generously-sized terrace overlooking the city was created: “The house is designed between two curves. One that central circulation inside and the other, on the facade above the city. Between these two curves we developed an orthogonal program of rooms that enhance the curves as elements incorporated into the landscape”, explained the architects. Contrary to the initial planning stage, not all the house features glass walls-exposed concrete and wood formwork are also a part of the overall design. [Photos by Guy Wenborne]