Overlooking the Khimki Reservoir in Moscow, this generously-sized apartment resembles a luxury cruise ship abode . Entitled Stonehenge, the project was sketched out by Russian studio Archduet and exhibits a highly modern and elegant design. A particularity of this Russian apartment is that exterior walls are virtually missing, being replaced by continuous glazing. Free space is also allowed to erase the boundaries between separate rooms, directing focus on the surrounding landscape.

The living room is the core of the apartment; envisioned in a minimalist manner, this interior is reserved for contemplating the surroundings, while sitting comfortable in the sofa or having a relaxing dinner. Floor to ceiling curtains serve a practical purpose, while also enhancing the feeling of a royal-like crib. And we are certain you’ve discovered the array of light fixtures on the ceilings by now. When lit up, these numerous spots create a “glittery”, playful ambiance. [Photos by: Knyazev Aleksey]