This small apartment in Paris is the result of the design collaboration between architects Marc Baillargeon and Julie Nabucet. The most striking feature of this project is its modest surface, of only 16 square meters (130 square feet). We featured plenty of ingeniously designed tiny cribs on Freshome, but we have to admit this former master bathroom of a much larger living space transformed into a micro-apartment took us by surprise.

As you would expect for such an unconventional design conversion, this small Parisian abode is packed full with creative and inspiring ideas. An elevated platform between the living zone and kitchen has more practical purpose than one would initially assume. In this case, it hides the bed or the sofa, according to the inhabitants’ living needs. The set of steps leading towards the kitchen hide storage space, a very useful tool for tidying up the room at full speed. Enjoy the photos and let feel free to share your own tips & tricks when it comes to designing a small crib.