Contemplatorium Love Tree is an arc-like space that favours conversation and meditation, just like a nook that offers you safety and protection from the outside environment. We’ve discovered the amazing work of the Dutch artist Rob Sweere on designboom and we wanted to share it with you too, dear readers!  Original and playful, this unique spot allows you see the sky through a rectangular opening. You can simply stand here and search for your inner peace without being distracted or you can enjoy a good conversation in the company of a friend.

Mirroring the love for nature, Contemplatorium integrates a tree in its structure, “piercing” it right through the middle and offering a framed view of the sky. “The tree is a barrier, the tree is a separator, the tree is to hide behind, the tree is something other than the person across from you to focus on.” The real challenge is to overcome this (mental) obstacle and leave the fear of communicating with your companion, behind: “take out the tree and be real, take out the tree and dare to be real with another person.”