Horst Architects took on the challenge of designing a medical boutique, retail and educational facility for ZO Skin Health in Laguna Beach, California. The new project entitled Obagi Skin Health Institute was founded by Dr. Zein Obagi,  a certified practicing dermatologist in Beverly Hills and an author of more than 200 skin health lectures presented throughout the world. He aimed for a modern building, embedding contemporary science and technology breakthroughs, with a high level of flexibility.

Sustainability and timelessness were the main attributes the architects aimed for: “Two principal walls of silver travertine organize the interior and exterior spaces while also reflecting the subtle, corporeal contours of the skin. Natural light enters the interior spaces through continuous fissures where these walls meet the ceiling planes. The continuous dance of light and shadow on the stone walls create what Le Corbusier once described as the correct and magnificent, of forms assembled in the light”. How would you comment on the architecture of this massive structure?