Having grown up in the wilds of Exmoor and now living and working in rural Cornwall, it is no surprise that ward-winning lighting designer Tom Raffield draws inspiration from nature for his lighting and furniture designs – and the Bloom Light is no exception. The lovely lighting unit utilizes petals of bent wood arranged into a symmetrical shape around a central bulb.

Tom explains: “Using the shapes in nature and crafting them in wood are what interests me. As the name suggests, the inspiration for this new light came from the blooming of a flower and the design was all about trying to create something organic and free-flowing. The large petals are made of high quality wood and mask much of the bulb, whilst also cutting through the light to create soft shadows and a warm glow“. The product is available in sustainably sourced ash, oak or walnut, or in a combination of oak and walnut, and as either a pendant or floor-standing light. [Photos and information provided via e-mail by Tom Raffield Design]