Pinterest, one of the fastest growing social media companies, has recently opened its new creative offices headquarters, boasting over-sized white volumes in a 45, 000 square-foot warehouse in Palo Alto (San Francisco). The place (split in four houses) has been transformed and adapted to the needs of the employees. Spacious, creative and neat in its very particular way, the space incorporates the essence of this addictive platform we spend time on, that of bonding people  with common hobbies and interests, together. The new office feels intentionally unfinished and displays interesting DIY art projects to enhance creativity and support (naturally) the creative spirit. Designed by All of the Above (New York) in collaboration with First Office (Los Angeles), this lovely Pinterest fresh “home” incites you to work with pleasure.

One of the co-founders, Evan Sharp, explains: “Like Pinterest (the service), we wanted our space to accommodate the most heterogeneous set of occupations possible. That’s architect speak for, the space should enable you to work in many different ways. Whether you’re comfortable working at a dedicated desk, on your laptop at a communal table, or in a dark corner in the basement, it’s likely that you’ll find a place that works for the way you like to work.”  For an additional feel of coziness, the employees were even encourages to bring at the office their own collectibles. This sounds a lot like Pinterest, isn’t it?