We stumbled across this elegant retractable bed especially envisioned by designer Funn Roberts for actor Vincent Kartheiser. When dealing with small spaces, having a large amount of furniture disappear  from your living space is bliss. We were pleasantly surprised to see an idea that is able to replace the existence of an extensible sofa, resulting in a more comfortable sleeping experience.

Unfortunately, the information is scarce regarding the engineering gizmos the designer used in order to maneuver the bed. What we can observe in the photos are some nice looking wires and a black frame which seem to “power” the system. With its wooden headboard matching the rest of the design scheme, the project is not only practical, but also has an alluring appearance. The red curtain in front makes one think of a theater scene, where decor elements come down and then go up again, mastered by invisible strings and pulleys. Perhaps this was indeed what inspired Funn Roberts to create such a cool furniture piece.