Ranking high in both fame and luxury, Michael Jordan’s Mansion in Chicago is currently up for auction, estimated to be worth around $29 million. The impressive 56,000 square foot residence has been home to famous basketball player for the last 19 years. A general listing of the property features would include nine bedrooms, fifteen bathrooms, a regulation-size NBA quality basketball court, a fitness room, a home theater, and above all, 7 acres of landscaped garden.

We almost forgot the circular infinity pool with its own green oasis and the impressive skylight (“Eye-to-the-Sky”) above the kitchen table. The basketball theme is present throughout, beginning with the number “23” embedded on the front gate, to the custom-designed living room table and ultimately, the indoor basketball court. The property is surrounded by a living fence of 150 mature evergreens, creating an envelope of unparalleled privacy. We uploaded a video with the actual tour of Michael Jordan’s mansion at the end of the post, presenting each interior in detail. Enjoy the “legendary” sights!