The Lever Homes residence consists of two homes built as a practical urban duplex. The interesting elongated structure and the triangular roof shape make it stand out. This is definitely something you don’t get to see everyday in a neighbourhood near you. First Lamp Architecture and Construction acted as both designer and builder on this project. The cramped space of the site had an impact on the house’s design, but hey, you have to admit it, it looks quite peculiarly interesting. “Due to the slender proportion of the lot, the units are arranged in a front-to-back configuration relative to the street.  The street-facing, 1bedroom unit is 840sf and the east-facing, 3 bedroom unit is 1440sf.” 

By mixing different types of materials, the architects obtained a modern unitary structure. The two units are placed in a front-to-back configuration, with one bedroom in the front unit and three others in the back unit. It’s remarkable how did First Lamp manage to provide such a comfortable living space compacted in a structure that is only 25 feet wide. A lot of thinking led  to best solution: the interior feels spacious and most important, uncluttered. In order to create a cozy ambience and forget about the cramped space, the furniture made of natural wood is extremely practical.