The Ramen Bar Suzuki, located in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam is a particularly interesting restaurant, with a mosaic wall and a cozy ambience. Its amazing interior, which is like nothing you’ve seen before, was specially design to make people feel comfortable. The team responsible with the project, 07BEACH, had to make Ramen glow. And that was not an easy job. Without to much guidance, the team started to seek for inspiration. The Tonkotsu Ramen (Pork soup noodle) was the restaurant’s specialty. So, this had to be the “clinch”.  But Tonkotsu Ramen is far from being a cool item. So, the question was: how to make a common thing (like the pork soup noodle) cool? With ingenuousness, patience and an intricate pork soup noodle mosaic design to decorate one of the walls.

I have to say it: the mosaic wall looks absolutely stunning. It makes the entire place (literally) shine. Ramen bowl shaped seats and undulating fences resembling to noodles complete the décor. The lack of seats’ flexibility determined the designers to add also another row of chairs, more flexible and comfortable, which can be combined in various ways. [Photo credit: Hiroyuki Oki]