Browse through the photos below and you will discover a welcoming apartment, filled with inspiring design ideas, personality and space. Each of the 44 square meters in this beautiful Scandinavian crib was optimized, resulting in a home that simply dazzles. Discovered by Freshome on Alvhem, the abode consists of a single open plan interior, with high ceilings and a few charming details preserving the character of a turn of the century building in Gothenburg, Sweden.

The apartment is partially divided in two by an interrupted wall, that is part brick, part hidden storage space. This element visually separates the hallway and kitchen from the social zone and mezzanine. Two generously-sized windows allow a high amount of natural light inside, adding even more warmth. The variety of materials (wood, brick, leather) blend perfectly with the black and white furniture finishes. Despite its relatively small size, this crib exhibits an undefined charm and balance.