Alex Nikolashin, the architect from SL*project designed the interior of this compact apartment located at the 23rd floor of an elegant residential building in Moscow’s city centre. The loft offers some of the most amazing panoramic views, allowing you to see the city’s skyline in all its grandeur. Due to the limited amount of  space, the living room and the bedroom are divided by a simple transparent “wall” and elegant long curtains. With a remote you can control the curtains and transform the bedroom into a private area, when needed. Glass panels replace successfully the normal walls, enhancing the feeling of space. 

The architect’s idea was to deliver a unitary home, without having the rooms divided. The living room occupies the core of the apartment, boasting a walnut “wall”, entirely made of panels. The wooden wall incorporates a TV, a fireplace and some shelves. The interior, despite being small is tastefully decorated. The kitchen, white and luscious, occupies a small corner, being linked to the living room through a line of three tall bar chairs.