Did you ever think that a highly functional object such as a ladder could ever gain the attention of a curious designer? I was personally blown away by the elegance confined in the Tenzing Ladder, developed by Fritz Specht and discovered by Freshome on Yanko Design. The object originates in a student’s plan to come up with a ladder that no one would think about placing out of sight.

According to the designer, what makes¬†Tenzing Ladder become more than an undesirable object you would commonly want hidden in the closet, lies in its elegant features: “wider steps and longer beams allow comfortable and fearless working in the height. Light bulbs, power drills and other equipment are stored in the tool bag and remain at hand on top of the ladder. Furthermore, the warm birch wood and smooth curves form an object that becomes a part of the living space”. With such a nice looking ladder around the house, enthusiasm in handiwork is bound to take off.¬†