Shavanthi & Mohantha Karunaratne House in Sri Lanka is situated at an isolated end, away from the main roads. The land is surrounded by large empty lands on three sides and a halfway done house on one side. When the client first approached architect Channa Horombuwa, it was clearly stated that he prefers a contemporary minimalist type of house for the selected site.

This is a four bedroom house with other common facilities. The ground floor consists of living, dining, pantry, kitchen, garage, guest bedroom and bathroom. The first floor accommodates only the master bedroom, son’s bedroom and daughter’s bedroom with their attached bathrooms. The home theater room and utility are located on the third level with a cantilevered concrete stair connecting the roof terrace. The living, dining and pantry are in one open space enjoying lots of daylight from all sides. The living is a few steps above the dining and proving the luxury of a  the double height volume and the front garden view. Above the front veranda there is a transparent glass bridge connecting the son’s bedroom with the stair lobby. [Photos and information provided via e-mail by architect Channa Horombuwa]