A home is about the way it makes you feel. It’s about safety, comfort, warmth and a certain type of atmosphere that distresses you and fills you with happiness and unmeasurable joy. We’ve bumped into this project, the Village House located in northern Sjælland, in Denmark. Definitely worth presenting it on Freshome! To begin with, the residence was designed by Powerhouse Company as a holiday home. The area was quite populated with ‘traditional’ Danish homes. To integrate the Village House seamlessly into the landscape, visible traditional elements were kept.

The team responsible with the project describes the Village House as: “A cluster of five wings. These fan out like a hand spreading five fingers over the site, generating a variety of views, light effects and outdoor areas. The variation means the house provides an enjoyable environment all year round and at all times of day. For example, a large window above the living room allows sunlight to bathe the dining table at around midday.” Inside, all walls are white, which might give you the feeling that the living environment is a little bit sterile but this feeling disappears as soon as you experience the whole décor: the textures, the colours, the natural materials and the modern decorations. Each room offers the best views of the outdoor spaces. Photo credit: [Åke E. Son Lindman].

A comfy home exhaling energy,