Spotted on flodeau, the Brücke 49 project is a cozy retreat in the Alps and believe me, sometimes a place like this is all you need to break the monotony or escape the routine. For those of you who feel like the overwhelming cities are devouring you (metaphorically), we recommend to “run and hide” in the mountains. Just for a couple of days. It will definitely improve your spirit! If you happen to visit the village of Vals, Eastern Switzerland (the impressive and lofty Alps, of course), you’d definitely like to stop by Brücke 49, a less common Bed & Breakfast. Yes, you can sit at home, encompassed by the coziness of your place or you can change the landscape, yet feel like home. I’d definitely go for the second one! Brücke 49 is all about feeling comfortable in a stylish environment. A home away from home, in other words.

“Brücke 49 offers an understated personalized retreat, which is far from ordinary, with a relaxed and easy-going atmosphere that makes you feel comfortable the moment you enter the house. No matter if you only have a short stay, a quite retreat to read, write or reflect. Or a longer stay, seeking  the healthy boost from trekking or skiing in the beautiful mountains surrounding Vals.” The picturesque site surrounding the retreat, the peaceful living environment and the warm atmosphere are Brücke 49’s major assets. Simplicity and style go hand in hand, unveiling an exceptional place, where you can sit, relax and rediscover the simple things in life.