Displaying an intriguing yellow exterior, House A&J is a compact modern residence envisioned by CKX architecten in Eindhoven, The Netherlands. The house belongs to a young family with two children and a special interest in modern Dutch architecture. Showcasing a rectangular shape, a flat roof and plenty of glass openings, the villa was visually integrated in its neighborhood, yet its light yellow finish makes it stand out.

The overall shape and layout of the building was driven by exterior factors: “Strict regulations from city council ranging from distances to borders, access and total amount of construction area and volume and a love for modern architecture resulted in this play with the yellow carved out cubic volumes. The resultant form proposes a dialogue between a range of different levels and voids, using light to draw or reflect on the surfaces, proposing a changeable reading of space and volumes during the day”, explained the architects. Interiors are spacious and lively, with natural light enhancing its contemporary home design.