Architect Show Co. completed the design and development of House of Corridor, a contemporary residence located in Fukuoka, Japan. Playing with geometric shapes, the architects created a visually intriguing street facade. A wooden entrance was integrated in the overall design of the building, adding an interesting aesthetic effect, as well as a functional feature: the first level of the house is completely shut from the curious eyes of the passers-by.

On a property surrounded by villas on three sides, planning House of Corridor came with many challenges: “I aimed at a house that can protect private spaces, while capturing wind and light. Provided with a light coat in the center of the house, I had to create a vertical connection. I developed a bright and spacious living room connecting the upper and lower level, without narrowing the space”, explained the architect. High ceilings and minimalist arrangements define the rooms of this Japanese home, where everything looks and feels magnified. [Photos by: Toshihisa Ishii]