The Casa das Artes (House of the Arts) in Miranda do Corvo, Portugal, expresses the meeting between two identities, rural and urban, in a landscape marked by the Lousã Mountains. Designed by Lisbon-based Future Architecture Thinking (FAT), the building features a contemporary and volumetrically expressive language. The sloping roofs establish a dialogue with the geometry of the mountain landscape, in an analogy to the village rooftops. The dynamism achieved through the continuity between façades and roof is accented by a strong red colour, emphasizing its design and highlighting the building through the surrounding landscaped area vegetation.

More than a building, the Casa das Artes pretends to be an iconic landmark, celebrating the place where people meet, where culture and art happens, a space capable of promoting and stimulating creative activity, increasing the population quality of life. The project was conceived by creating versatile spaces, technically suitable for different kinds of events, in order to serve all segments of the population. [Information provided via e-mail by Joao Morgado; Photo credits: João Morgado – Architecture Photography]