The Light Walls House is a project developed by mA-style Architects in the city of Toyokawa, Japan. What’s really interesting is that, despite not having windows, the house is uniformly lit, enhancing the feeling of peacefulness. The neat, rectangular-shaped home was designed to take advantage of the natural light, in a less common manner, but hey, we’re in Japan, the land of the almighty extravaganza, where less common things are actually common!


“The roof beams narrow the sunlight, and the slightly angled clapboard interior walls with laminated wood reflect and diffuse the light. As a result, soft and uniformly distributed light is created and surrounds the entire space.” It’s fascinating how light encompasses everything, transforming the house into a calm and tranquil living environment. Bathed in light, the interior is barely populated with home décor objects. The simple interior, with wooden finishings, emphasises the power of light and the effect it has on the “public areas”: the hallways, the kitchen and the study area. The private areas (bedrooms and storage spaces) are distributed as boxes, seeking ” balance within the large spatial mass.” Photo credit: Kai Nakamura.