Envisioned by Goss Visualisations, project Woodpeckers is a visualization for Strom Architects, soon to be developed in New Forest, Hampshire, England. The residence will serve as a holiday retreat in a rural site with many building restrictions. The result of dealing with all architecture and function-related challenges is “a superstructure is a simple timber frame that will be pre-fabricated allowing a short erection time on site. Spans, such as the width of the house, are decided by the performance restrictions of standard timber truss components. Fenestration is generated by floor to ceiling gaps in the timber façade“, as the architects explained.

The residence features an exterior larch cladding finish that will weather to a silvery grey in time. An open plan living and dining space will be connected to the backyard terrace, allowing natural ventilation during warm summer days, not to mention a high amount of natural light. Interiors are spacious and welcoming, with furniture arrangements reflecting elegance and minimalist. [Renderings by Goss Visualisations]