An hour and a half away from Manhattan, there lies this spectacular dream home, called the Beach House. Overlooking the Atlantic Ocean, the house is a place dedicated to relaxation, a sanctuary for the body, mind and soul. It relaxes, disconnects, protects and definitely inspires. Located on a narrow barrier island on the south shore of Long Island, the lovely home had to face on a regular basis the harsh coastal weather conditions. When Aamodt Plumb Architects took the project, they instantly identified the issue. The house needed additional protection. The team of architects came up with a solution: a house design that blends the idea of openness with protection. “The result was to create a tough exterior shell with an open, light-filled interior. Cast-in-place concrete was used to create a series of robust structural boxes, each defining a different living space and focusing attention on the landscape.”

Metallic screens, beautifully ornamented offer protection from hurricane force winds. More than that, the screens allow the sun to sneak “artistically” through the swirly cutouts, as the day smoothly unfolds. The house features a modern, elegant and spacious interior. A significant part of the materials used are solid, resistant and known for their durability: mahogany, limestone, stainless steel and concrete.