Dealing with an old house is never an easy job. You have to understand the premises, the values, the connection between the owner and the house itself. And yes, you need to find that perfect combination of modern elements that works well with the house’s original design. Basically, you need to use your “magic wand” and create a fresh new home with the old home in mind. Most of the times, it’s easier to simply start building a home from scratch. Renewing an old one is a consuming process. Today we’re presenting you the Midvale Courtyard House, (re)designed by Bruns Architecture in Madison, Wisconsin. This is a house that seamlessly integrates into the landscape, welcoming and with a series of private outdoor rooms. Before the renewal, the dwelling seemed quite hostile and confined.  Photo credit: Tricia Shay Photography

“The renovation and 840 sf addition of Midvale Courtyard House adds a proper entry, elevated master suite, and covered parking, but also pierces and stretches the solid forms to create connection between indoor and outdoor spaces. By creating a series of private outdoor rooms, the interior spaces visually extend beyond their original boundaries. As a result, the plan becomes a collection of independent wings each with a heightened focus on their unique programmatic requirements.” The interior is characterised by a warm elegance that inspires comfort: exotic wood finishes, a fireplace strategically placed in the living room, stainless steel details, soft and smooth fabrics.