Sustainability is a major issue these days. I have noticed lately how people have started to pay more attention to the environment. The idea of raising their children in a society that consumes more than it produces freaks people out. I think this might be it – people have finally understood that a healthy living environment cannot be restored in a day and it takes years to change mentalities and attitudes. After all, we all know that, in order to make a difference, one has to start thinking differently and then, act accordingly. Building or buying a sustainable home, for instance, is the proof that people are aware of the fact that an eco-friendly home can change the quality of their lives, once and for all. Meet the Net Zero Energy Modern House, an interesting sustainable residential project designed by Klopf Architecture, in Cupertino, California.

“The owners were very concerned about the environment, specifically about energy and resource efficiency. They directed us to use materials that would last as long as possible while avoiding “food for termites” and designing a high-performance sustainable home. So in conjunction with our Mechanical Engineer we designed a net-zero energy home featuring insulated concrete forms (ICFs), structural insulated panels (SIPs), high-performance windows, cementitious siding, and an 13.4 kW solar Photovoltaic (PV) system sized to cover all the energy use in the house.” Net Zero Energy Modern House boasts a spacious and light-filled interior. The all-white furniture has plenty of shelves (deposit spaces). Each shelf is adorned with colourful decorations and accessories, interrupting the white’s supremacy. The living space is unitary and fluid and it also enhances the feeling of space. In one corner you have the kitchen, then you move to the living room area and then, in the opposite room corner, there’s the office area. Photo credit: Mariko Reed.