Dear Freshome readers, this post is for those of you who enjoy playing and are still driven by optimism. Discovered on Trendir, Memory is a fascinating lighting collection made up of helium balloon like designs. The project was envisioned by Boris Klimek for Czech manufacturer Brokis and aims to help home owners in their quest for creating a joyful home atmosphere. As you can see in the photos below, the array of colors is impressive, making the unusual pendant lamps easy to integrate in a variety of contemporary interiors.

Memory features lighting objects made of triplex opal glass, with a glossy finish available in nine different colors and in three different diameters. Turning the lights on and off is done by pulling the cord of the balloons, which is a really awesome feature. A matching set of “balloons” not only does wonders in private homes, but can also be employed successfully in unconventional public spaces. [Photography via Boris Klimek]