Once a traditional Malaysian bungalow, the Voila House is now an uplifting contemporary home, with walls that can be easily disassembled, to get the utmost of the outdoor environment. The project was designed by Fabian Tan Architect in Kuala Lumpur and completed this year. The clients wanted a modern and inspiring home, relaxing and deeply connected to the exterior. Inspired by the trees surrounding the house, “the design of the family rooms would naturally face this green serene outward view. The common areas extend into the garden, in a U-shape manner; with the private rooms and kitchen placed on the other side of the house.”

With an open plan living room, the Voila House surprises you with an interesting circular area, surrounded by revolving doors. When closed, that particular rounded part of the living room offers an additional sense of privacy. When opened, the room looks completely transformed, becoming an unobstructed outdoor space. The boundaries between the indoor and the outdoor disappear, revealing an exciting, breezy and healthy living environment. The interior is quite minimalist, with industrial influences and strong splashes of colour.