Located in Cancún, México, the Cereza House is an uplifting urban house, that looks magnificent on the inside (due to the contemporary-elegant style adopted) but might seem a little bit dull and gloomy on the outside to those who are fond of dynamic living environments. Cereza House is the home of an adult Mexican couple, in love with contemporary design. The main problem with this house was that it did not respond to the clients’ personal tastes. When Warm Architects was charged with the project, the team had to find a solution and deliver a home that actually would make the clients feel comfortable.

The main problem was that the house’s views were shadowed by other buildings. The solution was to focus a little bit more on the interior courtyard and exploit the space as much as possible. “The project proposes an elongated courtyard inside the house. The courtyard also allows circulation through it, between the second bedroom, the studio and the social area. On the first floor, the central space of the house is the double height of the lobby and living room overlooking the elongated interior courtyard, bound by a glass wall that allows for natural light, ventilation, and interior/exterior quality spaces that are generated when opened.”