Some of the most enchanting stories/ fairytales you see on the big screen (like “Lord of the Rings” for instance) unveil one of the most exciting and precious living environments, widely known for its wilderness, natural beauty and tranquility: the lovely New Zealand. With ravishing landscapes, that almost seem unreal, New Zealand happens to be one of the most amazing countries to live in. And since it offers you a dreamy holiday-like scenery, why not build the home of your dreams there?

The Nelson House is the home of a young family which decided to settle down in Nelson City, away from the rush. Completed in 2008 and spreading over 290 square meters, the house, designed by Kerr Ritchie, has an excellent location, overlooking the city, harbour and mountains beyond. “The house is formed by two volumes. A tall two storey steel form hugs the south boundary turning its back to an adjacent access way with milk laminate windows. On the north side it is open to the sun and garden culminating in an outdoor room. A lower timber entry wing follows the eastern boundary. Together they maximise the private and sunny spaces to the north and west.” The lovely home, has an open space living room, breezy corridors, an office space and separate children’s bedrooms. Built respecting the principles of sustainable design and with the idea of energy efficiency in mind (using natural materials, basic passive solar principles and solar hot water heating) the Nelson House represents a wonderful living environment.