Opening up towards terraces, gardens and sweeping views, the Courtyard House envisioned by DeForest Architects inspires a genuine holiday feel. The interiors of this lovely house in Seattle, Washington, USA are almost entirely hidden from the street, with the help of an imposing wooden fence and blurred window panels on the second level. But as one steps foot on the property, magic is unleashed. A perfectly-manicured courtyard hints the way to the main entrance and the open plan living room, with much of the floor structure removed.

Wood was an essential material and “tool” employed in the design of the Courtyard House, ensuring a welcoming atmosphere throughout. Where wood lacks, its place is taken by light -brown materials, maintaining an inviting color palette. An elegant staircase leads the way to the upper floor, where the bedrooms are located. The surrounding landscape is perceived here with an even higher intensity, as relaxation always makes room for capturing beauty.