Long and fluffy as a winter day, this highly creative chair designed by Alexandra Kehayoglu and Maxi Ciovich is special furniture piece with the odd ability to trigger memories. Its wooden arms are covered in woven wool which seems to spill over the surface of the chair, forming a soft carpet. Despite the resemblance with a beach lounge chair, the wooden strips make up a sturdy support, perfectly fit for those long evenings by the fireplace.

Practicability was not the main focus of the designers: “We discovered that design can act as a tool for art. In this case: a frame in which a textile piece lies along. This is a chair that can be used. It offers an experience. Almost like a performance, the spectator can situate himself either inside or outside. One has the possibility of submerging into the chair’s landscape, or that of remaining outside.” What are your thoughts on this unusual armchair?