Take a look at this bright contemporary home located in Sydney! Simple, luminous and breezy, the Northbridge House II, a project completed this year by Roth Architects, was envisioned as a warm and relaxing home, for a family of four, with love for the outdoor living. Surrounded by a green landscape, the house displays a modern design, with a twist of traditional. The home is decorated with Australian timber, which defines its natural and warm aspect. “Refined timber detailing is used to soften the architecture, providing texture, rhythm, balance and a device that filters light throughout the home.”

The open plan living room is strongly connected to the outdoor. “Living and dining spaces maximise the available natural light through large glass doors and windows to provide a seamless flow between inside and out.” Tastefully designed with minimalism in mind, the interior feels uncluttered, spacious and provides freedom of movement. The kitchen and the living room form one fluid space. The furniture is simple, yet stylish and the colours chosen reflect the natural environment, imposing a certain neutral style, very cozy and pleasant.