Following the streams of sustainable design, the Bay House is a green house overlooking the Chesapeake Bay and it represents one of the most interesting projects designed by Gardner Mohr Architects. The old house, built back in the 80’s, needed a serious upgrade. The clients wanted to add a sense of personal value to their home, having their very own ideas implemented. What they wanted, in the first place, was to live in a house built with the principles of sustainability in mind. Secondly, they thought that “a house that breathes” might influence their disposition, so they requested an uncluttered living environment, decorated with materials, that were specially chosen for a minimal impact on the environment.

“The owner’s sustainability goals were met by using passive as well as active strategies. Passive strategies include ventilation, daylighting and shading controls.  Water conservation and harvesting are achieved through low-flow fixture selection, collection and reuse of rainwater, the infiltration of 100% of the storm water on site, and the construction of a “living shoreline” for breeding of aquatic life.” Boasting an open plan floor, the Bay House is elegantly decorated, yet it has little details that stand out. The main focus was to capture and frame some of the most amazing views of the bay. There’s also a lovely terrace that comes “attached” to the house, a swimming pool and a wooden deck.