When two book lovers decide to upgrade their home, there’s a good chance that the house itself will become a shelter for books. DeForest Architects were asked to transform a common living environment into a lively home, filled with natural light. “It incorporates bookshelves and cozy seating areas throughout the house. Modern details complement traditional elements while steel windows, doors and exposed structure open the interior to light and views. The exterior features a ‘secret garden,” sunroom and terrace that overlook Lake Washington.” With a simple design line and distinctive decorations, the Book House is an elegant home, a shelter for happy thoughts and positive thinking.

Inspiring and very relaxing, the Book House, with its interior and surroundings, feels lively and uncluttered. Neutral colours and earthy nuances dominate the living space. Most of the rooms incorporate bookshelves. The natural light played an important role in choosing this new modern design. The great thing of them all is that, most of the rooms are, somehow, envisioned as special places for reading. The view is one of these house’s major advantages. Waking up every morning to this is definitely rewarding and it feels just right. What do you think of it? Do you like it? Do you find it inspiring?